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Usva Cosmetics is a family-owned natural skincare company. We carefully select our ingredients and handcraft our products in our small workshop in Lohja, Finland.

Our production methods are very gentle, so that the nutrients and vitamins in the raw materials remain full-quality and unaltered. We make our products in small batches and send them to our customers directly from our workshop, fresh and ready to use.

At Usva, we celebrate the power and harmony of nature, its diversity and unity.

Rainforest plants, that have enjoyed plenty of sun and moisture, are rich in antioxidants and have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

On the other hand, the short but intense growing season packs northern plants with essential vitamins and protective polyphenols and anthocyanidins. They are resilient and rich in omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids in a balanced proportion.

At Usva, we combine the best qualities of these plants from completely different environments to create effective natural skincare products that support the skin's natural function.

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  • Our products are 100% natural and vegan. We have stricter standards than many certified natural cosmetics, which allow the use of animal-derived ingredients such as carmine and beeswax.
  • We do not add any preservatives or synthetic ingredients to our products. We design our products to work and last without any additives.
  • For us, responsibility and sustainability are not just buzzwords and slogans; we carefully examine the social and environmental impact of our raw materials and packaging throughout their life cycle.
  • We do not use any raw materials whose extraction is harmful or irreversibly damaging to the environment. For example, the production of sandalwood essential oil requires the cutting down of an endangered sandalwood tree as its heartwood is used to extract the oil. At Usva, we use only ethically produced and renewable raw materials.

Do you sometimes find it difficult to find the right skincare products? Naturalness, sustainability, practicality and the fact that the product works for your skin, after all, - all these qualities don't always come together easily, but we took up the challenge.

At Usva, we evolve and move forward at the pace of the world, listening to the nature voice. We open the door to new knowledge and challenge old habits. We favour wild-grown plants and organic ingredients. We study the impact of vegetable oil production and other ingredient manufacturing processes on the environment and local people.

We are on this path to developing effective and increasingly sustainable skincare products. We want you to get your hands on truly nourishing natural cosmetics that will make you and your skin glow.

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